Ritsumeikan University Graduate Student Career Path Support Center has launched Ri-SEARCH (Ritsumeikan University Search Engine of Academic Record and Career History of Young Researchers) to publish Doctoral students' research-related information and support young researchers’ career development.

This system is for all graduate students who are enrolled in Graduate Schools’ regular courses of Ritsumeikan University to register their information such as research achievements and activities, and to open their information to those who are interested in their information.
The outline of Ri-SEARCH is as below. We’re expecting all of you to make active use of this system.

You can make an electronic application and get approval for GAKKAI Scholarship in this system. In addition, you can use this system to create the Research Achievements Report etc.
For details, please see the Operation Manual.

*You must have a Rainbow ID to Login.

♦Graduate Student Research Achievements Site
You can search and check the young researche's information registered in Ri-SEARCH.
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For young researchers:
  • You can manage your own research activities and research plan by registering/storing your own research activities and research achievements etc. in this system. In addition, opening your activities and achievements to public becomes an opportunity to construct a social networking among researchers.
  • It is possible for graduate students to make an electronic application for scholarships, and create and download application forms for research grants and scholarship programs.
For those who are interested in young researchers:
  • Each information is opened to the public on the website according to choices of young researchers who registered their own information. This research information can be accessed by all including who are outside of Ritsumeikan University anytime. When you access to this system, you can reach the information you want by using several search items such as research field, affiliation, free word etc.

Database of Ri-SEARCH

Information registered by each researcher according to each choice is stored and published in this system

Type of Information Details
Basic items Individual information/ Website/ Academic background/Business career/ Qualification and license
Achievement items Academic conference attendance and presentation/ Books and theses/Lecturer and lecture/ Present specialized field/Academic awards you received /Research topic, funded research, and KAKENHI/Granted patent
Social action items Belonging societies/ Teaching Experiences /Activity in society
Other Profile/ Image/Desired Course /Self and Research introduction/Graduate Studentsʼ Project and Research Society /Graduate Studentsʼ Project and Research Society Link/Study Abroad and Overseas Travel History/ Overseas works/Internship History/ Other Research Achievements /Research Fellowship for Young Scientists /Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant/Internal Scholarship and Research Grants receiving status/External Scholarship and Research Grants receiving status/Skills/Free Entry

Right of usage


Young researchers who can register their information as follows.

  1. Graduate students who are enrolled in Graduate Schools’ regular courses of Ritsumeikan University
  2. Those who have completed the doctoral program with/without degree within 5 years after either of them

*Please note that you need to make an application for extension of use in advance. Prepare the application form and send it to the address (d-cp@st.ritsumei.ac.jp).

To Browse

Anyone can browse the website as long as you have an internet connection.


■Click here for Operation Manual of Ri-SEARCH

■Click here for electronic application guidelines for GAKKAI Scholarship

■Click here for  Create Research Achievements Report manual


Office of Graduate Studies KIC TEL:075-465-8195
Shitokukan4F Email:d-cp@st.ritsumei.ac.jp