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Electronic systems are used for all places, and it is useful in order to improve the performance of apparatus or to enable intellectual processing. Conventionally, it was said "Moore's law is most important not to lose a business opportunity". However, currently, it becomes more important to watch the trend of the systems, for example, integration with battery, sensor and so on, system intelligence, parallel processing, and statistical approaches.

Our laboratory aims new design models and optimization methodologies based upon essential analysis of the system integration flows.  Our goal is to provide those new models and methodologies to the new system design, e.g. battery management, sensor network.



 Research Theme

Ex.  1: Battery Management System Design Methodology

    (1.A) Accurate SOC estimation system

    (1.B) Efficient and low stress battery charger

Ex.  2: Design optimization for battery systems

    (2.A) Statistical analysis for capturing a battery status