What we do

We are working on highly advanced optical and electronic devices. The goal is to make smaller devices and devices that can withstand extreme environments like higher temperatures.

How are we doing this?

Such work requires atomic-level growth control. For growth,we use a sophisticated plasma, high-vacuum method. To evalvate the devices, we use X-rays, electron beams, atomic-force microscopes, photoluminescence devices, cathodoluminescence devices, and Hall-effect devices.

Crystal growth technique
 ・searching new substrate
 ・low temperature growth and control of crystal structure
 ・inspection of crystal growth mechanism
 ・control of heterostructure and quantum structure

Plasma and process technique
 ・ECR plasma and RF plasma
 ・plasma emission spectrometry
 ・control of plasma excitation state
 ・control of ion irradiation damage
 ・making submicron and nanostructure

Evaluation technology
 ・evaluation of crystalline structure using X-ray and electron beam
 ・optical evaluation using PL and CL
 ・evaluation of surface structure using AFM-STM
 ・evaluation of surface electronic states using XPS

 ・doping and electronic evaluation

Research equipment

  • RF-MBE
  • SEM , AFM
  • PL , CL
  • TEM
  • XRD
  • XPS
  • ECV