Date of Birth 10/06/1967

1986/3 Graduated from Sendai Daini High School

1991/3 B.A.(University of Tokyo)

1993/3 M.A. Mathematical Sciences (University of Tokyo) Superviser: Prof. Shin-iti Kotani

1997/3  Ph.D (University of Tokyo) Superviser: Prof. Shigeo Kusuoka

1998/4-2000/3 Lecturer (Ritsumeikan University)

2000/4-2008/3 Associate Professor (Ritsumeikan University)

2005/10-present Editor-in-Chief of Asia-Pacific Financial Markets 

2007/4-present  Director of Recerch Center for Finance
at Ritsumeikan University

2008/4-present  Professor (Ritsumeikan Univeristy)

updated 2008/4