Analytical Mechanics

I will teach basics and applications of analytical mechanics, emphasizing variation principle of statics, variation principle of dynamics, and method of variation. These issues will be applied to link mechanisms, elastic/inelastic object deformation, and rigid body rotation.

1st 9/26Introduction: Newton mechanics vs analytical mechanics
2nd10/ 3Variational Principles: variational principle in statics
3rd10/10Variational Principles: variational principle in dynamics
4th10/24MATLAB: vectors and matrices, linear equations
5th10/31MATLAB: ODE solver, optimization, parameter passing
6th11/ 5Link Mechanisms: open link mechanism
7th11/ 7Link Mechanisms: class/methods, PD/PI control
8th11/14Link Mechanisms: closed link mechanism
9th11/21Rigid Body Rotation: planar/spatial rotation
10th11/28Rigid Body Rotation: dynamic equation of rotation
11th12/ 5Rigid Body Rotation: quaternion
12th12/12Elastic Deformation: strain potential energy, kinetic energy
13th12/19Elastic Deformation: finite element method (FEM)
14th 1/16Elastic Deformatino: static deformation
15th 1/20Elastic Deformatino: dynamic deformation

1st    Introduction reduced copy
2nd-3th    Variational Principles reduced copy    sample programs    curve of fastest descent
4th-5th    MATLAB reduced copy    sample programs
6th-8th    Link Mechanisms reduced copy    sample programs    vector derivatives
9th-11th    Rigid Bidy Rotation reduced copy    sample programs
12th-15th    Elastic Deformation reduced copy    sample programs