Masaki Mori participated in these experiments

CANGAROO (1993-2011) Collaboration of Australia and Nippor for a GAmma Ray Observartory in the Outback
CheSS [Japanese] (1998-2004) Cherenkov light detecting System on SUBARU
EGRET (1995-1996) Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory satellite
Superkamiokande (1988-1997) Super KAMIOKA Nucleon Decay Experiment
Kamiokande (1988-1995) KAMIOKA Nucleon Decay Experiment
JANZOS (1987-1989)
Japan New Zealand Observation of Supernova [Search for ultra-high-energy gamma-rays from SN1987A using an air shower array in New Zealand]
SPICA (1986-1989)
Special Instrument for Cosmic-ray Astrophysics [Search for ultra-high-energy gammar-rays using an air shower array at the Akeno observatory]
Search for cosmic magnetic monopoles (1985-1987) Search for slowly-moving magnetic monopoles using an air shower calorimeter at the Akeno observartory, Yamanashi, Japan

(Years show periods of my participation.)