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Virtual Museum of Mathematical Objects

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WELCOME -- Virtual Museum of Mathematical Objects

About this site

This site is a Virtual Museum for exposition our research/education activity in our laboratory.

Our interests

In our laboratory, we are mainly interested in mathematical phenomena behind our Environments.

Experience Mathematical Objects

In the Virtual Museum of Mathematical Objects, we try to realize abstract notions in mathematics as a real or virtual objects. This is a training of abstract mathematical thinking and skil up our technology for realization of abstract notions.

Ofcource, it is needless to say that it is important to draw pictures or write calculation on papers by oneself to study mathematics. Computers is one of the usuful devise and can be considered as one of supporting tools to study mathematics. By realizing mathematical objects in computers, we can grasp (i) the abstract notion of mathematics correctly, (ii) many examples of the mathematical notion including exceptional cases, and (iii) the coding technique to realize the mathematical objects and interfaces. In computers, we can realize the objects virtually even if we cannot do it in our real world and understand them in the way which we cannot apply in the real world.

It is our main purpose to train students in our laboratory so that they can study mathmatics and skil up themselves to contribute in our society.

Prease enjoy the Virtual Museum of Mathematical Objects.