Public Policy Cluster


Describes and elucidates how a policy is shaped, decided, and implemented in public sphere and conducts research eyeing future development possibility

in charge
KATSUMURA Makoto (Professor)
KAMIKUBO Masato (Professor)
TSAY Shiow-Ching (Professor)
SATOH Mitsuru (Professor)
SHIGEMORI Tamihiro (Professor)
TABAYASHI Yo (Professor)
MIKAMI Takahiro (Professor)
MIYAWAKI Noboru (Professor)
YASUE Noriko (Professor)
YAMAMOTO Ryuji (Professor)
KAKUMOTO Kazumasa (Associate Professor)
MORI Takatomo (Associate Professor)
HICKS Kimberley Anne (Associate Professor)
FUJII Tadasuke (Associate Professor)