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Student Voice

Ding WEIXUChina


  • 2015: Master of Science in Human resource development,
    The University of Manchester, U.K.
  • 2016: Ph.D. Candidate, Graduate School of Technology Management,
    Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Why did you choose Ritsumeikan MOT for pursuing your Ph.D.?
After searching the Japanese G30 website, I found the Ph.D. program of MOT in Ritsumeikan University that are able to satisfy my expectation to combine the knowledge I had learned. I really wish I could combine my study progress with my life experience, and travel to different countries to explore the cultural mystery. Before I came to Japan, I have stayed in China, UK and USA for a period of time. As a new journey of my life in Japan; it is full of expectation and challenge. After considering all these factors, I chose Ritsumeikan MOT for my PhD stage. Not only I can study in an international environment, but also I could deeply understand traditional Japanese culture.
Tell us about your research project.
The research project is based on knowledge creating theory by Prof.Nonaka in Japan, and aims to seek the function of Knowledge management on organizational sustainable competitiveness. Sino-Japanese studies have used to find the academic evidence from the ancient eastern philosophy. Surveys have been used to support the research hypothesizes in an empirical way, and data have been collected from Chinese organizations. Some research findings has been presented at 19th Asia pacific management conference in National Dong Hwa University and 2018 International innovation and knowledge management conference in Tsing Hua University.
What do you think about advantages studying in Ritsumeikan MOT?
Ritsumeikan’s MOT program is an interdisciplinary platform. I am able to operate my PhD research combing the knowledge from my undergraduate studies (information system) and my postgraduate studies (human recourse). The advanced learning mode and facilities facilitate the progress of my doctoral research. The MOT program acts as a bridge to link academic and industry that accelerate the application and conversion of the research results in a practical way.