Makeup Examinations

A student who could not take a Final Examination due to an unavoidable reason (illness, bereavement leave, etc.) may be allowed to take makeup exams. In this case, the student needs to submit an application with the necessary certificates during the application period and complete the procedures. Please read "Schedule and Procedures for AY2021 Fall Semester Makeup Examinations" to learn about the procedures.

If the reason for not taking examinations is to take a job examination, please check the following.

・Application for Makeup Examination when unable to take Final Examinations due to Job Examinations
(PDF File)

・Verification of Participation in Job Examination (Download)

・Request for Issuance of Verification of Participation in Job Examination (PDF File)

■If final exams at Ritsumeikan University coincide with exams or classes at other universities (for the students taking the courses of the Consortium of Universities in Kyoto/ Kan Biwako University Regional Consortium), students are able to take make-up exams at Ritsumeikan University upon application.

For taking makeup examinations

Makeup examination schedule will be the same as the final examination schedule. (e.g. 1st period 9:30 - 10:30)
    As with the final examination schedule, please check dates and time for makeup examinations on CAMPUS WEB.

Precautions when taking makeup examinations (All students must bring their student ID to take an exam. A student arriving more than 20 minutes late after the start of an exam will not be admitted to the examination room, etc.) are also the same as for final examinations.

For details, please check the Final Examination page.

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