Procedure for Changes to Personal Information (address, name, etc.)      

When there is a change to the following information registered with the University, please inform Manabi Station to that effect promptly.

Please be sure to inform the University in case that any of the following information has been changed. It may be a great disadvantage if you do not inform the changes to the University.


Current address

Mobile phone number

Permanent address

Information on a parent, guardian or a person who will accept the identity

Emergency contact number

Tuition billing address

Notification of ChangeDownload


The attendance record of classes and certificates are prepared using the name registered with the University, and mail from the University is sent to the registered addresses.

(e.g.) The payment slip of tuition is sent to the Tuition billing address.”


<How to confirm your personal information registered with the University>

Please visit CAMPUS WEB below and click Confirm/Change Your Registered Information.”


<To those whose tuition billing address is not an address in Japan>

Tuition payment slips are not sent overseas.

Please make sure that the tuition billing address is an address in Japan, such as your current address.

<For inquiries>

Kinugasa: Manabi Station (Gakujikan Hall 1F)

BKC: Manabi Station (Prism House 1F)

OIC: Manabi Station (Building A 1F AC Administrative Office)

Suzaku: Administrative Office, Inter-Faculty Graduate Schools