Ritsumeikan University Graduate Student Career Path Support Center has launched Ri-SEARCH (Ritsumeikan University Search Engine of Academic Record and Career History of Young Researchers) to publish Doctoral students' research-related information and support young researchers’ career development.

This system is for them to register and publish their information to those who are interested in it.


For young researchers
  • It makes it easy for you to manage your research activity or research proposal by putting your information into the system.
  • It helps you develop relationships between researchers by publishing your information.
  • For graduate students at Ritsumeikan University, application forms for scholarships and grants can be downloaded from the website.
For those who are interested in young researchers
  • It is accessible to everyone based on users' agreement.
  • To get information, you can search by field, department, or free word

Database of Ri-SEARCH

The following information can be published with users' approval.

Type of Information Type of Information Details
Profile Name/Affiliation/Self Introduction/Skills/Field/Research Theme/Personal HP/Blog
Research Activities Research Theme/Projects/Study Abroad/Internships/Conferences/Funds/Social Activities
Records Books/Research Papers/Articles/Presentations/Patent/Awards
Career TA/RA/Resume/Career History/Certifications/Seminars by Graduate Student Career Path Support Center
Status Title/Current Position/Old Schools


To Register

You must either;

  1. be a Doctoral student at Ritsumeikan University entered,
  2. have graduated or completed the program without degree and within 5 years after either of them.

*Pease note that you need to send or bring your application form to the office first if you are 2 or 3.

Extension of Use

If you wish to continue using the service after graduation or completion of the program without degree, the application deadline is as bellow.

To continue using the system immediately after your student status ends in Spring Semester
→ every year on September 24
To continue using the system immediately after your student status ends in Fall Semester
→ every year on March 25

*If your student status ends, and you are no longer in the registry in Ritsumeikan University, you will be issued a new ID which should be collected at Graduate Student Career Path Support Center.

To Browse

Anyone can browse the website as long as you have an internet connection.

How to Use

Please use the links below.

*To log in, you must have a Rainbow ID.


Campus Telephone Number
Office of Graduate Studies KIC 075-465-8195