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Posters of illusion

Research reports and download (academic)

"Rotating snakes 3"

JPEG file (8.0 x 7.9 inches, 300 dpi, 2407 x 2371 pixel) (4.1MB)

"Chrysanthemums" ___ Large bitmap (1193 * 1189 pixel, 211KB)
"Primrose's field" ___ MS-Word file (288KB)
"Hearts and tears" ___ MS-Word file (147KB)
"Sakura" ___ MS-Word file (38KB)

"Rotating snakes"

Circular snakes appear to rotate 'spontaneously'.

JPEG file (1600 x 1200 pixels) (4.1MB)

JPEG file (2904 x 2202 pixels) (13.6MB)

JPEG file (3001 x 2226 pixels) (10.00 x 7.56 inch, 300 dpi) (13MB)

CorelDRAW original file (1.8MB)

Adobe Illustrator file (4MB)


PDF file (large bitmap) (2.7MB) (not so good)

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003 (September 2, 2003)

Explanation (PDF file)


*The title in Japanese is "Wanage"

The outer ring appears to expand while the inner ring appears to contract.

GIF file (8 bit) (2000 x 2000 pixel) (131KB)

JPEG file (32 bit CMYK) (2000 x 2000 pixel) (3.2MB) (At least Corel PHOTOPAINT can open this file correctly)

This work may be exhibited in "Trick eyes 3", if any.

Explanation (PDF file)

"A crab in the autumn color swamp"

TIFF file (CMYK 32 bit mode) (16 x 16 cm, 300dpi) (13.7MB)

JPEG file (24 bit) (16 x 16 cm, 300dpi) (5.1MB)

"A bulge"

Jpeg file, 10 cm * 10 cm, 96 dpi --- MS-Word original file

"The autumn color swamp"

Jpeg file, 20 cm * 20 cm, 300 dpi (10MB!!) --- MS-Word original file

The green version, jpeg file, 16 cm * 16 cm, 300 dpi (7MB!!)

(c)Akiyoshi Kitaoka "Trick eyes" Tokyo: KANZEN 2002

"Neural circuits"

Jpeg file, 20 cm * 20 cm, 300 dpi (9MB!!) --- MS-Word file --- CorelDRAW original file

(c)Akiyoshi Kitaoka "Trick eyes" Tokyo: KANZEN 2002

A rotational illusion, jpeg file, 15 cm * 15 cm, 300 dpi (7MB!!) (now removed)

"Red spirals"

Red appears to be orange or magenta (purple-red).

bmp file (12MB), gif file (160KB)

(c)Akiyoshi Kitaoka "Trick eyes" Tokyo: KANZEN 2002


The ring appears to rotate when we approach or move away from the figure with fixating at the center.

bmp file (12MB), gif file (160KB)

"Tiger" (small) --- gif file (23KB)

(c)Akiyoshi Kitaoka "Trick eyes" Tokyo: KANZEN 2002

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