Vanishing illusion


The yellow dots placed off the center of sight appear to vanish. "Asagao" is a plant with flowers.

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2003


The red dots placed off the center of sight appear to vanish. "Sakura" is a cherry blossom.

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"The music"

Illusory black dots abruptly appear or disappear in white circles when we see the figure freely (= the scintillation grid illusion*1). On the other hand, the white circles disappear when we fixate at the center (the vanishing disk illusion*2,*3).

Copyright A.Kitaoka 2002 (December 28, 2002)

*1For the scintillation grid illusion, see:

Schrauf, M., Lingelbach, B., Lingelbach, E., Wist, E.R. (1995) The Hermann grid and the scintillation effect. Perception, 24, suppl. 88-89
--- It should be noted that actually the third author Elke Lingelbach discovered the effect.
Schrauf, M., Lingelbach, B., Wist, E.R. (1997) The scintillating grid illusion. Vision Research, 37, 1033-1038.
Institut fur Augenoptik Aalen --- Click "Taushungen" (illusions).

*2For the vanishing disk illusion, see:

McAnany, J. J., & Levine, M. W. (2002). The vanishing disk; a revealing quirk of the scintillating grid illusion [Abstract]. Journal of Vision, 2(7), 204a,, DOI 10.1167/2.7.204

*3For the vanishing disk illusion, I think that Ninio and Stevens's paper might be the first report:

Ninio, J. & Stevens, K. A. (2000). Variations on the Hermann grid: an extnction illusion. Perception, 29, 1209-1217.

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