Serial Number 577      

  Michimasa Yoshimoto : On the Mozi 墨子  
  Atsushi Ochiai : A Restoration of the Calendar in the End of Shang  
  Yuko Washio : A Preliminary Survey of the Royal Ancestral Shrine
  (Zong Miao 宗廟)in Early Western Han

  Aisin Gioro Ulhicun : A Reconstruction of Vocal Sounds
  of Khitai Small Scripts
  Yuko Nakano : The Dialectic of “I and You(Ich und Du)”
  ― From the Standpoint of Nishida’s Absolute Dialectic (2)―

  Kaoru Takata : Preschoolers’ Learning of a Numeral Classifier-Name
Category with Using Knowledge : on “Hiki” Classifier
  Yasuya Inoue : Reading Jojin’s Dialy
― Cash Transactions in San Tendai Godaisan Ki


  Decemmber 2002  
  Edited by
The Literary Association of Ritsumeikan UniversityKyoto, Japan