The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 641

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Yasuki Yagi: Perspectives on Coping in Response to Threats
Atsuki Higashiyama: Apparent Linear Size and Angular Size
Noriaki Tsuchida: Motor Inhibition in Aging
Yuji Hoshino: Displaying Images Tachistoscopically Using Windows Computers: An Application of SharpDX and Direct3D 9
Takashi Muto & Yukari Umezawa: A Functional Analysis and Improvement of "Resistance" inBehavioral Psychotherapy: A Case Study.
Masasi Hattori: Symmetry as a Heuristic in Reasoning
Naoki Nakashika: Drawing Cumulative Records with Visual Basic
Shiro Yamazaki: Preparing a Psychological Support System for Abandoned ChildrenBrought Up in "Kounotori-no-Yurikago"
Yoshinori Takeuchi, Masashi Arake & Mitoshi Fukuzaki: Autokinetic Movement by Blinking Light
Michiyo Naito: Clinical Practice and Psychological Study ~ the Secondary Variable in Clinical Practice
Sunami Kikuchi: The Support Practice for a Graduation Period Student with Developmental Disorder: through Making "Support Book"
Hifumi Tsubokura: The Children with Motor Delay Were finally Diagnosed as Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
Yasushi Hino: The Nature of Japanese Kana and Kanji Words and the Underlying Processes in the Reading of These Words
Shin Tsunematsu: Effort Discounting of Hypothetical Monetary Rewards: A Comparison of Hourly Pay and Percentage Pay
Naoki Yoneyama: Effects of Competitive Others in Behavioral Coaching on Accuracy of First Service in Soft Tennis
Hiroaki Miya: Current Status of Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions for Challenging Behavior in Older Persons Requiring Care in Japan
Masako Yoshioka: A Study of Technological Contribution of Behavior Analysis
Kenkichi Takase: A Biopsychosocial Model-based Investigation of Developmental Stage and Sex-specific Abnormal Behavior: Proposals for a New Psychological Research Model Intermediating between Animal and Human Studies, and Experimental and Clinical Psychology
Masahiro Shibasaki: Attentional Bias for Snakes: A Study Using the Concentration Game