The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 655

Juan Li: The Study on Haruki Murakami's The Second Bakery Attack
Tomoya Matsumoto: A Study on Self-understanding and the Other-understanding of Mitsuyama Raika, Confucian Scholar in Tsushima—Focusing on Hanpei and Rei
Yiyan Yu: Takeuchi Yoshimi's Image of Litterateur Lu Xun Skepticism on Oda Takeo's Image of Patrioit Lu Xun
Shifu Huo: Narrative Poetics from Different Space : The Woman in the Dunes by Abe Kobo
Naomi Miyamoto: Interpretation of a Drama through Music: An Analysis of the Musical Der Besuch der alten Dame.
Masako Yoshioka: Development of Information Sharing Tools for Continuous-collaborative Supports for Persons with Disabilities for Five Years: The Cases of Kitakami and Hanamaki Region in Iwate Prefecture
The Society for the Study of the Modern Japan's Colonial Documents: Collections of Letters to Saito Makoto from Goto Shinpei