The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 664

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Hongjia Lin: A Study on the Botanical Metaphors in Nan Shan You Tai
Yuwei Chang: An Interpretation of Zeng Sun Jhih Jia, Ru Cih Ru Liang
(The Cereals are Stacked as High as Houses and Carriages) in Shi Jing, Fu Tian
Mamiko Ishii: General’s Important Matters in the Han Dynasty Bamboo Slips Excavated
from Yinque Mountain Jiang Yi
Yuji Takatori: Private Passes and Customs Lists in the Han Period
―A Prework for Analysis of the Passes and Customs Lists at Jianshui Jinguan
Like Zhang: A Study of Rites in Han Dynasty
Tatsuo Kase: YangXiong’s Numerology and the Taixuan
Bowei Zhang: Space Propagation of Jiangnan Context: The Shi-shuo hsin-yu in East Asia
Chengyu Jin: A Brief Study on the Collectors of the Ancient Transcription of A New Account
of the Tales of the World in Japan
Yucai Liu: A Study on the Transmission of Huang Kan’s Commentary on the Analects
Gang Fu: Evidence of the Use of Han shu in Wenxuan
Yasunobu Matsumoto: Ritual of Nyuko in the Tang Period and the Sweet Dew Incident
Akihiro Michisaka: Women’s Epitaphs and Unearthed Epitaphs in the Lost Writings of
the Wang Bo Collection: Traces of the Dissemination of Wang Bo’s Works
Masami Komba: On the Poem of Gao Shi’s Chou Pei Ying Wai Yi Shi Dai Shu
Kexian Hu: Yin zhoug ba xian ge and the Famous Poetic Group during the High Tang Period
Shigeo Umeda: Baijuyi’s Yonghuaishi: The State of Mind behind Shuqing and Shuoli
Ryu Takai: Use and Study of Buddhism Sutra in Dunhuang in the 9th and 10th Centuries
Koichi Sato: The Frequent Use of Jueju Style in Poems Composed by Women
Jianping Guan: The Origin and Establishment of Chaxian
Jizhong Ping: A Study on Collating Allusions
Yoshiaki Hokari: Willows Depicted in the Ci Poetry of Su Shi
Hisashi Shibusawa: A Study on Luo Yuan (羅願)’s Er ya yi (爾雅翼:Wing to the Er ya)
Chunyo Jin: The Study of Dianyaci and Yanxici in the Song Dynasty
Chao Wang: Non-daily Narrative of Daily Activities: Reading Life of Yang Wanli
Kikuen Kin: A Bibliography Study on the Yuan and Early Ming Dynasty Editions of
Jiayin Fu: A Study on Yuanshileixuan
Rie Nakahara: Lian Ming Qi Pan Gong An
Sinhhung Lai: A Research of Jinan Yizhi in the Rare Novels of the Ming Dynasty
Yueying Yang: On the Collation of Dong Kang’s Block-printed Edition of Ruan Dacheng’s
Shuang Jin Bang
Yusuke Hirosawa:The Transfromation of a Vernacular Novel (白話小説) into a
Kunqu Opera (崑曲): From the Suzhixian Luoshan Zaihe (蘇知県羅衫再合)
to the Luoshanji Chuanqi (羅衫記伝奇)
Mitsuyuki Inoue: A Study on the Genealogy the Li Family of Jiaxing
Junichiro Ozaki: Zyu zi’s Itinerary of Thought in the Studies of Lu long qi
Baoyang Li: Study of Wang Pengyun’s Collection of Books and Other Artworks
Yunchun She: The Poetry about Books Buying and Sale: Miu Quan Sun and
Wu Chang Shou’s Socializing Poems and the Chants of Ancient Books
Lan Qin (translated by Hitomi Izumi): From Chinese Haiku to Xiaosanhang
―New Era of Haiku in Chinese―
Takashi Horikawa: Bibliographical Study and Reproduction of the Monzen kikigaki
Tomohiko Sumiyoshi: Gozanban Bindings
Sachiko Kawasaki: The On Uta (Anthology of Poems): Art Treasure from the Konoe Family
Collection of the Yomei Bunko Library
Hatsuko Matsuo: Manuscripts of Chinese Classics Read by Konoe Yiehiro
Masaki Hagiwara: Revised Edition of the Chronological Record of Takatori Gakuyo