The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 665

A Special Issue
in Honour of
on the Occasion of
His Retirement

Hiroyuki Kitao: A Study of Kant’s Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Morals(4)
―A Study of Chapter 2(2)―
Toshihiko Ise: Apology, Repair, and Lasting Commitment
Takashi Kakuni: Wild Perception, Brute Perception: A Phase of Perceptual Experience
in the Working Notes of Merleau-Ponty in His Later Period
Daisuke Kamei: Derrida’s Theory of Experience
Yoshinori Hayashi: Reason for Acting on the Principles of Justice:
Some Problems about Moral Motivation in Rawls’s A Theory of Justice, Chapter VIII
Wataru Wada: The Experience of Aging―The Gaze of Montaigne and Jankélévitch―
Shinji Hamauzu: On Time and Space in Husserl’s Phenomenology
―Dedicated to Commemorate the Retirement of Prof. Toru Tani―
Takeshi Utsumi: Paul Cézanne and Phenomenology
Tetsuya Sakakibara: What and How did Benner Learn from Heidegger ?
Dan Zahavi: Manhattan Dynamite and No Pancakes:
Tradition and Normality in the Work of Tove Jansson
Masaya Kawase: The Principles of Community and the Phenomenology of Life
Asuka Suehisa: Eine Untersuchung zur „heiligen Trauer“ bei Heidegger
Daisuke Kanda: Inheriting of Will and Motivation in Husserl’s Phenomenology
Takashi Yoshikawa: Phenomenology of Porn Movies:
Watching Blue Films and the Ethics of Anachronism
Yusuke Ikeda: Facticity, the Problem of Transcendental Phenomenology and Metaphysics
Kentaro Otagiri: The Range and Limit of the Facticity as seen from Verbal Viewpoints
Mariko Konishi: Caring for Dependents Who Exhibit Aggressiveness:
The Case of Trudy, Mother of an Autistic Child
Takashi Suzuki: Recollection as Dialogue: The Development of Husserl’s Theory of Memory
Tomohiro Matsuda: La représentation de la vie et la dialectique tragique
Anthony J. Steinbock: Limit-Phenomena and the Modality of the Absolute Ought in Husserl
Hans Rainer Sepp: The In-Between as Movement of the Border
Dieter Lohmar: Methodenprobleme der Lebenswelt-Phänomenologie in der Krisis
Liangkang Ni: In Search of Ego―From Self-consciousness to Becoming Person
Nam-In Lee: Husserl’s Transcendental Subjectivity and Heidegger’s Dasein
Karel Novotný: Body and World. On the Margins of the Phenomenology
Mathias Obert: Kraft als ein Gesichtspunkt transkultureller Ästhetik
Michael Staudigl: The Ambiguity of Lived Religion: A Phenomenological Proposal
for Reconceptualizing the Relationship of Religion and Violence