The Ritsumeikan Bungaku

Serial Number 668

Miki Hamano:Perception of Earthquakes in Medieval Japan as Seen from the Records
Risa Sugitani:Structure of Temple Control over Kyoto as Seen from the Sake Malt Monopoly Dispute in the Sengoku Period: Focusing on the Relationship with the Nishinokyo-jinin
Takanori Ikomi:The Failed Attempt to Change the Number of Members in the Shizuoka Prefectural Council (1877) and kogi-yoron
Tianyi Du:Verb-framing Properties of Mandarin Chinese Motion-event Sentences: Their Syntactic Evidence and Contrast with Japanese
Nagako Kamiyasu:Ihara Saikaku in the Townspeople’s Society of Osaka in the Empo Era: Behind the Publication of Naniwa- Zuru
Tomoko Nagatomo:History of Ethnic Archaeology in Japan: Focusing on Pottery Research
Hideki Tani:Study of Gifts in the Western Zhou Period
Yuji Takatori:Travelers Passing Jian Shui Jin Guan (肩水金関) and Its Interrogation
Masahiro Kato:The Making of New Street-names through the Formation of Built-up Areas in the Post-war Naha City
Takahiro Ueda:IN LUDO VERITAS: Kierkegaard to Yoshida Ken-ichi via Hotta Yoshie
Hisao Yamasita:Shunsuke Miura, Evolution of Japanese Literature via Myth: The Introduction to the Study of Kibune Shrine’s Myth