To date, the Ritsumeikan Academy has pursued progressive education and research that gives expression to its educational philosophy of Peace and Democracy, which are rooted in the institution’s founding ideals of Freedom and Innovation. In 2010, we formulated the Academy Vision for 2020 with its slogan “Creating a Future Beyond Borders,” and since then have assiduously pursued further institutional development.
Carrying forward this spirit and philosophy while paying respect to our history, we, the members of the Ritsumeikan Academy, hereby formally proclaim the R2030 Academy Vision, our formal expression of what we aim to become by the year 2030.

R2030 Ritsumeikan
Academy Vision

Today, societies around the world are caught up in a whirlwind of change.
We face an uncertain future more difficult day by day to comprehend.
But the age demands of educational institutions a positive vision for the world of the future.

To realize the Ritsumeikan Vision, we must attract a diverse array of people while cultivating the virtues of flexibility and courage to change.

To this end, we must accept differing values and strive to better ourselves without fear of potential discord. Together, we will overcome the limitations that have, until now, held us back and apart.

Together, we will rise to the challenge to create a world in which myriad human endeavors lead to a bright future, filled with the promise of hope, peace, and freedom.

Beyond Borders Ritsumeikan

R2030 Academy Vision
Conceptual Diagram

R2030 Academy Vision Conceptual Diagram


Ritsumeikan R2030 announcement
-After Movie(S)- (Japanese)

Ritsumeikan R2030 announcement
-After Movie(L)- (Japanese)