Name Position Field of Research, Subject of Research, Research Theme etc
AONO, Kohei  Professor
    • Monetary Economics
    • Empirical Finance
    • Empirical Study on Japanese Stock Market Empirical Analyses on the Impacts of Unconventional Monetary Policy 
    GOKAN, Yoichi Professor
    • Macroeconomic Theory
    • Macroeconomic Dynamics Theory 
    • Economic Growth Theory
    • Endogenous business cycle theory: in determinativeness and branch theory 
    HARIMAYA, Kozo  Professor
    • Economic statistics, Economic Policy, Money, Finance 
    • Empirical analysis of financial institutions and financial markets
    • Empirical analysis of the effects of industrial policy 
    HAYASHI, Hiroaki Professor
    • Comparative Economic Systems
    • Economics of System Transformation
    • Comparative Study on Socio-economic Problems of Transition Countries 
    HORI, Kazumi Professor
    • Contract Theory 
    • Organizational Economics
    • Applied Microeconomic Theory 
    ICHINO, Yasukazu Professor
    • International trade theory
    • Microeconomic theory 
    • Teaching economics
    • Diversity and international trade
    • Gains from trade
    • Flipped classroom in teaching economics 
    INASAWA, Izumi Professor
    •  International Comparative Analysis of Policy Making Process in Energy / Environmental Sectors
    • Environmental Policies and Development  
    • International Project Finance  
    KAKINAKA, MakotoProfessor
    • Public Policy
    • Financial Systems
    • International Economics
    KAWAGISHI, Taketo Associate Professor
    • Macroeconomic Theory
    • Economic Growth Theory
    • Dynamic Macroeconomic Analysis
    KINOKUNI, Hiroshi Professor
    • Industrial Organization
    • A Theoretical Study on Durable Goods
    • Monopoly
    KOBAYASHI, Mizuki Associate Professor
    • Automobile industry
    • Relationship between automobile companies and suppliers
    KURIHARA, Yukiko Professor
    • Micro data Analysis Based on Secondary Utilization of Official Statistics
    • Regional and Seasonal Features of Work-Life Balance Based on Time-Use  Information: An Empirical Study
    KUROKAWA, Kiyoto Professor
    •  Regional Development Economics.  
    • Private sector development study in developing countries.  
    • Economic Resilience  
    LEE, Kangkook  Professor
    •  Macroeconomics of inequality and economic growth
    • Financial development, financial globalization and income distribution
    MASWANA, Jean-Claude  Professor
    • Development Macroeconomics  
    • Development theories and policies
    • International Trade and Economic Growth
    • Trade and Sustainable Development 
    • Asia-Africa's Economic Interactions 
    MATSUMOTO, Akira Professor
    • Study on systematizing of the international economics with the international value theory as the key concept
    • On relation between monetary policy and prices  
    • On factors of the fluctuation of Foreign Exchange and the Level 
    MINETOSHI, Chiho Professor
    • Tourism Economics
    • Tourism Education  
    • Conservation and Inheritance of Regional Resources 
    MOMOTA, Akira Professor
    • Economic growth theory 
    • Population economics: a theoretical approach
    • A theoretical study on macroeconomic dynamics under low fertility and aging societies 
    NAKAMOTO, Satoru Professor
    • Political economics analysis of the contemporary U.S. economy
    • Study of shift towards service economy 
    • Study of globalization
    • Study of creative economy 
    NIIGATA, Atsushi Professor
    •  International finance
    • Financial market analysis
    • Impact of  Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on finance
    • Financial industry analysis 
    ODAMAKI, Tomoko Associate Professor
    •  Social Policy 
    • Co-production of Welfare Services 
    OHNO, Atsushi Professor
    • International Political Economy
    • Fair Trade and Ethical Consumption
    • WTO and Development Policy 
    OKAWA, Masayuki Professor
    • Study on the Theory of International Trade Theory under Imperfect Competition
    • Theoretical Study on International Trade and Trade Policy
    QIN, Jie Professor
    • Financial Economics
    • Behavioral Finance 
    • Market Microstructure
    • Emotion and decision making
    SANO, Sayaka Professor
    •  Rural economy 
    • Development economics 
    • Economics policy (Agricultural policy)
    • Agribusiness and Cooperatavies in Brazil 
    SASAO, Toshiaki Professor
    • Environmental Economics
    • Economic Analysis of Waste Management and Circular Economy
    SATOH, Takashi Professor
    • Marxian Economic Theory
    • Theory of Capital
    • The Theory of Capitalist Economy 
    SEKI, Mai Associate Professor
    • Labor economics
    • Economics of education 
    • Development economoics  
    • Applied microeconometrics 
    SHEN, XUEMEI Associate Professor
    • General equilibrium model
    • Global value chain
    • Input-output analysis
    • Public finance  
    SHIMADA, Koji  Professor
    • Energy Consumption Behavioral change using pricing and nudge
    • Renewable energy policy and market
    • Climate change adaptation policy and behavioral change 
    SUSA, Taiki Associate Professor
    • Public Economics
    • Political Economics
    • Intergovernmental fiscal competition under globalization and effects on political process
    TAKEUCHI, AiAssociate Professor
    • Experimental Economics and Game Theory
    • Institutions to raise and sustain cooperation 
    • Effects of information on behavior 
    TERAWAKI, Taku Professor
    • Economic valuation of non-market goods with stated preference approaches
    • Empirical analysis of consumer behavior/preference using survey data
    TOKUMARU, Natsuka Professor
    • Economic Philosophy
    • Experimental Economics
    • Micro-behavioral Theory of System and Ethics 
    YAMAI, Toshiaki Professor
    • Social Inequality in Germany after 1945
    • Regional Plan and Local Autonomy in Germany After World War II
    • Modern European social economic history centered on 19th century Germany 
    YOSHIOKA, Shinji Professor
    • Japanese Economy
    • Economic Policy
    • Business cycle in Japan, and applying for development economics, and policy analysis in general