How to contact to faculty

To those who are considering to go to our Graduate School

At the Graduate School of Policy Science, the email addresses of the faculty members are not open to the public. However, the administrative office will transfer your message to each faculty member if there is a wish to contact any desired faculty members beforehand, by those who are considering to apply to our Graduate School.

Search the backgrounds of the faculty member

First, please search the names of the faculty member of the Graduate School of Policy Science at the academic database below and read the papers etc. to understand their research topics and discipline.

Send a message to the Administrative Office

Then send a message to the Administrative Office of Graduate School of Policy Science (gsps-adm(at) with the following contents. * Please replace (at) with @.

1) Name of the faculty member you wish to contact
2) Your research proposal at the Graduate School
3) Your CV, your major and the topic of undergraduate thesis (if you wish to be a doctoral student at our graduate school, please inform the topic of your master thesis)
4) Things you would like to consult before application

How to respond to your message is up to each faculty member. However, if you have any questions, for example, if your desired faculty is able to supervise you in your research theme, what kind of research is conducted at the Research Project in which your desired faculty member belongs to, etc. we recommend you to have a contact with the faculty beforehand.

If you would like to consult about whom to ask to be your academic supervisor, please send a message leaving the 1). blank and stating that in 4). The associate dean will give advice.

Also, please note that Specially Appointed Professors, Assistant Professors, or Senior Lecturers are not able to be your academic supervisor at the graduate school. Students of the doctoral program will be supervised only by the professors, and associate professors will support the teaching by the professors of the same Research Project.

*Since the academic supervisor of the Indonesian Linkage Students will be decided by the Graduate School of Policy Science based on careful reading of the applicants’ research proposal, we do not accept inquiries regarding the academic supervisor from the applicant of Indonesian Linkage Program.