Curriculum Planning Guide for those who were enrolled in or after 2017
at the Graduate School of Policy Science (Master’s Program)

  • *Research Paper I / II : Compile research achievement (2,000 words approx.)
  • *Policy Science Workshop: Oral research presentation (20 – 30 minutes)

Course Titles

  • Introduction to Public Policy
  • Introduction to Sustainable Development
  • Introduction to Social Management
  • Policy Case Reading I (Studies in Culture and Public Policy)
  • Policy Case Reading I (Environmental Policy Analysis)
  • Policy Case Reading I (Japan Studies)
  • Policy Case Reading II (Japan Studies)
  • Policy Case Reading II (Planning Science and Technology)
  • Policy Case Reading II (Social Welfare Policy)
  • Policy Case Reading II (Statistical Analysis for Policy Studies)
  • Policy Case Writing I
  • Policy Case Writing II
  • Participatory Case Research Analysis
  • Social Survey Data Archive Analysis
  • Advanced Policy Studies
  • Policy Science Special Lecture
  • Research Project I - IV