Ph.D Dissertation Titles

Year Title
2020 A Comparative Study of the Relationship between Life Satisfaction and Economic Growth and Their Influencing Factors in China and Japan
A Study Toward More Accessible and Suitable Spatial Information for Risk Communication in Indonesia: Focusing on Supply and User Side
A Study on the Competitiveness of Indonesian Historical Post-Mining Cities as Tourist Destinations
The Role of the Public Sector on Regional Economic Development: From the Viewpoint of Regional Economics and Public Finance
2019 Demand and Spatial Planning of Allotment Gardens in Metropolitan Areas of China
Fiscal Transfers to Self-Governing Communities in Indonesia: A New Policy for Rural Development
Forum Diplomacy in International Cooperation on Non-Traditional Security: the Study of Hamburg Scientific Forum in 1980 and Budapest CulturalForum in 1985
A Study on Disaster Risk Reduction by Integrating Indigenous Knowledge with Modern Knowledgein Mentawai Islands
A Study of International Comparison on State-sponsored Legal Aid in Common Law Jurisdictions for the Quality Implementation ofLegal Aid System in Myanmar
Corporate Social Responsibility in Developing Country: A New Approach for Understanding the Governments' Intermediary Role of Quasi-redistribution in Indonesia
A Study of Village Decentralization Policy and Its Implications for Regional Development at the Sub-District Level in Rural Riau, Indonesia
Policy Process for Othering: How South-eastern European Immigrants Were Alienated in the Golden Age of United State
A Study of the U.S. Army’s Water Control from the Perspective of Military Resources
2018 The Analysis of Government Spending on Education: Theory and Empirical Evidence from the Districts in Indonesia
A Study on Conventional Motorcycle Taxi’s Demand in the Urban Fringes of Outer Metropolitan Area: Case Study in West Java, Indonesia
An Analysis of Gendered Labor Migration: The Case of Indramayu Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia
2017 Inclusion and Exclusion of ZAINICHI Koreans by the Government of South Korea: Focusing on the Era of Lee Seung-man Regime
A Study on Policies toward Stranded Tourists by Public Support of Disaster Response Framework in Concentrative Tourism after Great Earthquakes: A Case Study of World Cultural Heritage, Himeji Castle
2016 Theoretical and Empirical Study on Consumers' Trust of Food Safety in China
Balance of Power and Deterrence between Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Era of Post-Arab Uprisings
Home Rule of Washington State: Examination of the Formation Period
2015 Application of Bio-Climatic Indicators for Tea Cultivation in Uji Area –Drawing from the Experience of Winegrape Terroirs‐
An Experimental Study on the Effects and Impact of Chinese Industry Promotion Policy in the New Cultural Industries : Focusing on Animation and Digital Game Industries
2014 Analysis of Welfare Politics in Japan
A Study Toward Community Involvement in Local Flood Risk Reduction Activities: Case Study Flood Situation in 2011, Thailand
Impact of University-Industry Collaboration Policies on University Patenting in Japan: An Analysis of Japanese National University Patents
A Process of Co-working Implementation of Regional Industrial Policy
2013 Analysis on Candidate Selection Method - Case Study on “Democratization” of Candidate Selection Method-
A Study on Land-use Changes and Regulations in Industrial Zone
Difference in the Performance of Policy Implementation and the Relationship between Central and Local Governments : Case Study on Employment Promotion Policies for disabled People in Shiga Prefecture
The Norm Formation and Limitation in Arms Export Ban
Competition and Oligopoly in the motion picture industry How the Post-War Motion Picture Industry Has Revived under the Emergence of the TV Industry
An Indonesian Community Policy Study for Tsunami Resilient Preparedness
A Study on policy measures for promoting railway use in freight transportation in Japan
2012 University - Community Business Continuity Management in Fostering Disaster - Resilient Community: A Case of Thammasat University in Thai Flood 2011
Rechtliche Bedeutungen und Aufgaben des Systems der regionalen Besprechung in den Gesetze der Personenbeforderung : Anhand von Politik des Linienbusses im Kyotango-Gebiet
Effect of Practices on Multi-cultural Family Support Policies towards International Marriage Migrant Women - Focusing on the Effectiveness of “Empowerment” Support Programs in JeollaNamdoProvince of Korea -
Development of Linguistic Education Policy Seen from the Viewpoint of the Recent Change in the Notion of Academic Capacity Observed in Korean Chinese
Significance of Innovative Change in Community Development through Structure of Policy and Planning in Thailand
The Shift of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)’s Policy and Its Implementation in Thailand : the Accordance of JICA’s Technical Assistance and Thailand’s Needs
A Study on Community Evacuation Planning in Urban Areas during a Downsizing Period
2011 A Study of Preservation System for Terraced Rice Fields in Japan
Modeling of a “Glocal Low-Carbon Community” and Policy Perspectives for Japan, China and Korea
Making of New Elites of Okinawa in the Meiji Era, 1880-1909
2010 Political Trust and Distrust in Japan
Study on Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Mekong River Basin -Consideration In Perspective of Local Governance -
2009 A Study on Welfare Activities that Motivate Senior Citizens in Communities -Analyzing How the Salon Activities Influence the Network Development of Senior Citizens‐
The History of Asbestos Industry and Asbestos Disaster
Influence of Introduction of Single-Member District System on Mayoral Election
Study for Establishing the Car Recycle System Based on the Utilization of Recycle Parts -the case of environmental load evolution model for reused engine-
2008 Edmund Burke on Government: Virtue, Honour, Property
A Study of the Environmental Consideration Type Management Method in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry
Theoretical Reconsideration of “Citizen” : Interface between “Citizen” and “Civil Society”
2007 Public works reforms : learning from the Nagano experience
A Study on Regional Vision Creation Based on Inheritance of Sense of Place for Synchronizing Residents' Consciousness with Merged Municipality after Heisei merger -Focusing on Ohnan Town in Shimane Prefecture case
The Significance and Limits of the WHO “Safe Community” Approach at the Community Level in Japan
Examining the collaborative process of network organizations: A case of electronic communication in civic media network
Wetlands of Dhaka Metro Area : A Study from Social, Economic and Institutional Perspectives
A Study on the Qualitative Improvement of Medical Organizations Providing Team-Based Stroke Care: An Approach Based on Argyris and Schon's Theory of Organizational Learning
2006 The Politics of Financial Institutional Continuity and Change in Japan -An Analysis of Institutional Change and 1990s Depression in Japan by Rational Choice Institutionalism Approach-
The Study about “Mobilization” and the “Human Resources” under Wartime : a Research of the Actual Condition of a Local End Organization Focus on Military Support System
2005 Study on the Global Recycle System construction for trans-boundary trade of recyclable wastes
A Study of Stability Mechanism of the Public Policy System The System Stability Models from the View of the System Output Continuity
The Kurokabe -Analysis on its Corporate Function of Town Management in Town Center Revitalization-
A Methodological Study on Regional Retention Policy for Traditional Ecological Knowledge, Focusing on Traditional Herbal Medicines'Case Among the Dusun in Ulu Kimanis, Sabah, Malaysia
Interests of residents and the law on local space
2004 The Legal Policy for Travel Dealings
Study about Sustainable Digitalization of Cultural Assets
A Study on the Tradable Permit System for Fishing Resource Management -Based on a Case Study on the Individual Transferable Quota System in New Zealand-
The Meiji State and Civil-Military Relations
2003 Political issues regarding local government's collaborative activities in public -Study of political symbols of public administration through pre-agenda setting process in the case of Korean and Japanese local governments-
Urban Regeneration and Sustainability based on Art/Cultural Infrastructure -A Case Study of Yerba Buena Center Project in San Francisco City-
Basic Analysis of a Relation between Citizen and Local Society in terms of “Expansionary Life-Structure” Model Perspective from Mutual aid system in Local Society solves Local Problems
A Research on the Pluralistic Policy Instrument as a Flood Risk Management Technique -As a model case of the Yoshino lower reaches of a river basin-
2002 Research about the relation between regional economy and local finance -Consideration centering on the big city area-
A Study on Community Development for Elderly: Perspectives from Lifelong Learning and Adult and Community Education
Environmental Politics in Postwar Japan
2001 Study on “Exit” from Elections
The development of Circulate Processing System for the Wood Disposal (CIPSWOOD) and its possibility -Basic study of Recycling Industrial Scheme for the Wood Disposal (RISWOOD)-
Nurturing Civil Society: A Study of Civil Society in Singapore
Social Capital and Policy Evaluation Using Macro-econometric Model and Regional I-O Approach in Decentralization Society
A Study on the Transition of China Market Economy and Environment Policy