AY 2020 Alumni Association Activity Plan

AY 2021 General Assembly and Reception Party
In 2020, the General Assembly and Reception Party were cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19, although arrangements were being made to hold the event in Kyoto. We will continue to arrange for holding the General Assembly and Reception Party in AY 2021 and beyond while considering the implementation policy.
Implemented activities to promote the recognition level of the Alumni Association among graduates and current students. (Continued)
Activities to enhance Alumni’s mutual interaction and activities relating to career. (Continued)
Alumni Goods are given to the new alumni members. (Continued)
IR Alumni provides goods to the new alumni members at the Graduation Ceremony to encourage their active participation in the association. This year, we will procure the goods for 2020&2021 future graduates (order is always placed every two years).
Financial Support for the Reunion (Continued)
IR Alumni will continue to provide financial support to hold a reunions.
Encouraging new alumni members to participate (Continued)
As similar to the previous year, members of the board of directors will attend the graduation ceremony and encourages new graduates to take an active role in our association.
International Relations Ritsumeikan Alumni Association Homepage (Continued)
As continued from the previous years, the association will maintain the sustainable operation of the website through outsourcing the contract with private companies. Furthermore, we will continue to improve our English homepage.