Rieko Kitamura

Rieko kitamuraRieko kitamura

Research Interests
International human rights, Legal philosophy, Socio-legal studies
Educational Qualifications
・Bachelor of Laws (Kyoto University)
・Master of Laws (Kyoto University)
・Doctor of Laws (Kyoto University)
Academic Experience
April 2022 – Ritsumeikan University, College of International Relations, Assistant Professor
Visiting temples in Japan & historical buildings in the world, opera, playing the piano, dancing, badminton, jogging, hiking, coffee & tea
Q1What are your current teaching areas and current research themes?
I have taught and been teaching the following courses in Ritsumeikan: International Law; International Human Rights; Introduction to Law; Introductory Seminar; Global Simulation Gaming. My research interests have always been in the philosophical concept of law, which currently leads to the study of global law and the sub-field of law such as comparative law.
Q2What do you think the biggest appeal of the JDP is for students?
The biggest fascination of the JDP, among other things, is that it offers a study opportunity in both the US and in Japan. As a student who struggled and failed to prolong my one-year study abroad, I am sure that it is a great privilege to have a chance to study in two countries for a good amount of time, where you can be immersed in each culture and environment. Also, the College of International Relations in Ritsumeikan is an interesting institution where it holds a rich diversity of students and professors from all over the world and creates a distinctive study environment: the intermingle between the students and/or the staffs, who have a variety of interests in anything related to “global” or “international”, benefits them daily, bringing in fresh perspectives.
Q3What do you expect future JDP students to learn and experience during their studies in the JDP?
Living in two different countries may cause you a lot of troubles adapting yourself to each environment. If you have any problems with your health condition, your study strategy, or anything, do ask for help from people around you and do not hesitate to reach out to the university staffs. Time is precious and we are here to help you make the best of your university experience!