Ritsumeikan University Commencement Ceremony, Spring Semester AY 2024(to be held on September 22, 2024)


AY2024 Global Simulation Gaming was held on June 29


The 2024 Zemi Research Convention will be held on Thursday, November 7! Entries are now being accepted for participating teams. You can see last year's event here.


The Ritsumeikan Food Bank were introduced on the university's website (article in Japanese).


We held the College of International Relations Alumni Association’s general meeting and reception party on Saturday, June 8, 2024.


My first time living abroad alone, I discovered my potential at Ritsumeikan University through a for-credit internship and the Figure Skating Club.(YBUAN Karla Alexis)


AY2024 Ritsumeikan University (Undergraduate) Readmission Guideline


Report on the guest lecture (Mr. Kimihiro KITANI, Senior educational supervisor, Fukuoka Prefectural Office of Education, Kitakyushu Education Office)


The Global Simulation Gaming course prepared ourselves for future roles in international relations.(Mutiara Nadine ANDREAPUTRI)


Report on the guest lecture (Maryruth Belsey-Priebe,Founder, Axxelerate; Director, Women Peace and Security, Pacific Forum Hawaii)


Pacifism in the Constitution of Japan - What is the international order pursued in the Constitution of Japan? The perception of the constitution in the context of international relations - (Prof.KIMIJIMA Akihiko)


Capitalism - Looking at People’s Lives and International Relations from the Perspective of the Capitalist Economic System - (Prof.MORIOKA Masashi)

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