Distinctive Learning

Four Years of Small Group Education

Year one through year four will consist of ongoing group education. Through things such as discussions and presentations that are only possible in the learning environment of a small group, students will, step by step, gain academic skills and the ability to complete their graduation research work.

After the completion of their second year, students will select a seminar course (Advanced Seminar) in which to participate for their remaining two years. While receiving advice from the seminar’s faculty advisor, students will pursue research on a theme of their choice, and in the last semester of their fourth year, they will consolidate and conclude their graduation research.

基礎演習・Introductory Seminar (First Year)

This course is an introduction to the basics of international relations that students will take in their first year over the span of two semesters. Students will learn in small classes of approximately 20 students.

While acquiring the academic skills of reading, writing, presenting, and group work, students will also discuss with one another various themes within the field of international relations and learn to examine and think from various perspectives.

Introductory Seminar

Global Simulation Gaming (Second Year)

GSG is a course that is taken by all second-year International Relations and Global Studies majors. Students roleplay as actors in international organizations, NGOs, nations, and more and participate in simulated negotiations of actual international issues. Students form the core of GSG, as well as formulate action plans and advance negotiations. In this experience, participants will utilize the input that they receive to create relevant output as well as tasks aimed at tackling issues facing modern society.


Advanced Seminar・Graduation Research (Third and Fourth Years)

In the College of International Relations, over their third and fourth years (four semesters), students will take 専門演習 / Advanced Seminar (zemi), and in their fourth year, during their eighth semester, it is required that 卒業研究 / Graduation Research be completed.

During the two years that they spend in their zemi, students will study in a small group environment, and in their final semester, they will complete their graduation thesis based on the research topic they have chosen.

Advanced Seminar・Graduation Research