AY2024 Ritsumeikan University (Undergraduate) Readmission Guideline

AY2024Ritsumeikan University (Undergraduate) Re-admission guideline is available.

Guideline 2024 Ritsumeikan University Undergraduate Readmission Examination Guidelines (Spring/Fall)

Submission form 6_再入学志願票(2023.10改訂)


Report on the guest lecture (Mr. Kimihiro KITANI, Senior educational supervisor, Fukuoka Prefectural Office of Education, Kitakyushu Education Office)

Mr.Kimihiro Kitani, a senior educational supervisor from the Fukuoka Prefectural Office of Education,
 Kitakyushu Education Office, interacted with the students from the Professional Workshop (English) course at the College of International Relations. 


His lecture preceded an activity among students who had to learn to communicate without speaking, to demonstrate the usefulness of reading body language, and to understand each other despite the diverse socio-cultural backgrounds of the students. 

The next part of the lecture focused on three main points:
1.finding a lifestyle that's right for you
2.current challenges in educational institutions in Japan; required in the future and how to pick a workplace appropriate for you.


Mr. Kitani explained how to deal with cases of bullying and stress among students, and how there are no wrong decisions regarding studies, because all knowledge is valuable.

In the final part of the interaction, students presented their career plans in short presentations before Mr. Kitani and the course instructor Dr. Astha Chadha. The students received feedback on their presentations, and discussed probable career choices based on their interests and skills. 


The Global Simulation Gaming course prepared ourselves for future roles in international relations.(Mutiara Nadine ANDREAPUTRI)


Report on the guest lecture (Maryruth Belsey-Priebe,Founder, Axxelerate; Director, Women Peace and Security, Pacific Forum Hawaii)

Maryruth Belsey-Priebe, a specialist in gender and climate change, was invited as a guest speaker on April 19, 2024, in the Professional Workshop course held by Dr. Astha Chadha, who has previously worked with the guest speaker at Pacific Forum’s Women, Peace and Security programme. 


The guest lecture dealt with three main themes:
1.How to navigate the dream career in an ever-expanding pool of career choices and how to build expertise in newer fields such as climate change policy or human security and infrastructure, disaster response, gender, and peace etc.
2.How to ensure personal growth and motivation while working in a job of your choice, and how to never lose hope and patience if you encounter challenges at work, such as a devaluation in career, criticism at work or devastating situations.  
3.Why diversity and inclusion are really important at workplace, and even more important as a mindset to succeed professionally and socially. 

The students engaged with the guest speaker, asking Ms. Maryruth about why she chose the current job, her experience being an entrepreneur versus serving as a director of a programme at a think tank, how to develop technical skills while studying at the university, how to deal with mental health, and indicators for the right time to switch a career and how to build expertise in a new field. 


Ms. Maryruth also provided mentorship advice to the students for career guidance in policy-related careers in think tanks and government, as well as in corporate policy-related research, and advised students to seek personal feedback from mentors. 

The students then engaged in a mock disaster response activity where they took charge of different government departments during a natural disaster emergency simulation. The session ended with students presenting their gender-sensitive disaster response plans and strategies, followed by feedback from Ms. Maryruth Belsey-Priebe and Dr. Astha Chadha on each disaster response plan.


Pacifism in the Constitution of Japan - What is the international order pursued in the Constitution of Japan? The perception of the constitution in the context of international relations - (Prof.KIMIJIMA Akihiko)


Capitalism - Looking at People’s Lives and International Relations from the Perspective of the Capitalist Economic System - (Prof.MORIOKA Masashi)


International Political Economy - Analyze international relations while having an awareness of the interaction between politics and economics -(Prof.NAKATO Sachio)


International Politics -Can We “Eliminate War?” Study the Field of International Politics with the Hope -(Prof.ADACHI Kenki)


We welcomed new students for April 2024 enrollment.


We welcomed new students for April 2024 enrollment.
In April 2024, the College of International Relations welcomed 326 new students.
Congratulations on your enrollment!

Classes will begin on April 5.




"Global Simulation Gaming" in 2024 has started!!