Here is the place to have an opportunity to expand your worldview and cultivate a deep understanding of international relations in a richly diverse environment.(BATKHUYAG Tamir)


Studying at the College of IR will be a life-changing experience for those who active and eager to learn.(Nguyen Ba Hai)


AY2024 Ritsumeikan University (Undergraduate) Readmission Guideline

AY2024Ritsumeikan University (Undergraduate) Re-admission guideline is available.

Guideline 2024 Ritsumeikan University Undergraduate Readmission Examination Guidelines (Spring/Fall)

Submission form 6_再入学志願票(2023.10改訂)


Faculty Exchange with American University

Ritsumeikan University (RU) has been offering a Dual Master’s Degree Program since 1992 and a Dual Undergraduate Degree Program since 1994 with American University (AU) in Washington, DC. As part of these collaborative efforts, a Joint Degree Program between AU and RU was established in 2018. The two universities not only partner in education but also exchange faculty members regularly.

In the fall semester of 2023, RU invited Dr. Stephen J. Silvia from AU to give lectures in political science, his area of expertise.



In the classroom, Dr. Silvia used comics, graphic novels, and manga to teach about such issues as war, race, feminism, and many other topics concerning international relations.
During lessons, students were able to take their learning to another level by actively participating in discussions involving exchanges of opinion.

The College of International Relations will continue to participate in exchanges with American University and provide diverse learning opportunities for students.


There may be many challenges, but you will grow even more, experiencing and learning from the vast world as I experienced at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand.(CHO Heylim)


A new page summarizing "Study Abroad" for students of the college of IR has been added.


Zemi Research Convention 2023 “Redefining BRICS Stereotypes : Uncovering the True Intentions of the Rising Global South Economic Forum”(Ataka Seminar)


A video summarizing the day of the "Zemi Research Convention" is now available!


Be adventurous! I would suggest to have the opportunity to find your own global experience in foreign culture.(PYO Ye-Chan)


'Thailand Bangkok Training Program' certainly awakened my curiosity, enriched my vision of the world and motivated me to keep on building my path.(Carlos Alexei Márquez Arce)