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The College of International Relations accepts students through entrance examination methods based on its admission policy.

Up-to-date admission methods are available on the "Ritsumeikan University Entrance Examination Information Website", so please be sure to look through the entrance examination guideline and check the details.

Information about study and life at the undergraduate level is introduced on this website and through our Open Campus and other events. We also offer campus visits and consultation services. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Entrance Exam

For general information on entrance examinations and entrance requirements, please refer to the Ritsumeikan University Entrance Examination Information Website.

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For information regarding tuition and scholarships, please visit the Ritsumeikan University Admissions website.

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International Relations Brochure

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College of International Relations Introduction Video

Mock and Online lecture series

  • Mock lesson: Looking at Africa, looking from Africa. How are we connected to the other side of the world? (Professor Keiichi Shirato) (Japanese Only)
  • Mock lesson: Genocide -Why we should stop using this word(Associate Professor Moe Koshiki)(Japanese Only)
  • Online lecture: What is discrimination? ~Thinking through BlackLivesMatter (Japanese Only)

Admission Policy

College of International Relations

The College of International Relations offers a step-by-step approach to the study of language, theory and region, which is essential for understanding international society. Through our college, students develop a high level of foreign language skills, logical thinking and develop a rich intellect to understand multiculturalism. We are looking for students who are willing to act on their initiative and contribute to society through government, economy, culture and peace.

For this reason, we accept students who, at the time of admission, have the following academic skills and motivation:

  1. Basic academic skills necessary to analyse the problems of international society.
  2. Keen interest in international issues and a willingness to explore them independently.
  3. Language skills to understand and express themselves on international issues.

American University and Ritsumeikan University Department of International Relations

The Department of International Relations at American University and Ritsumeikan University seek students who possess the global mindset necessary for effective leadership on and off-campus. We also look for basic academic skills necessary for analyzing the problems of the international community, motivation to contribute to the development of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between East Asia, Japan and the United States, and the drive to strive for peace and prosperity of the international community after graduation.