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IR Stories´╝Ü
Messages from Professors to Students

  • KUNSCHASK, Claudia

    Intercultural Communication, Language Pedagogy, Comparative Education

  • SMITH, Nathaniel M.

    Cultural Anthropology: Nationalism, Urban Studies, Japanese Studies

  • NAKATO, Sachio

    International Relations, IPE International Political Economy (Japanese Only)

  • MORIOKA, Masashi

    Economics, Economic Theory and Thoughts (Japanese Only)

  • TORIYAMA, Junko

    Gender Studies, Gender Studies on the Middle East, Cultural Anthropology (Japanese Only)

  • KIMIJIMA, Akihiko

    Constitutional Law, Peace Studies (Japanese Only)

  • ADACHI, Kenki

    International Politics, Disarmament and Arms Control, Global Governance, Civil Society (Japanese Only)

  • ISHIKAWA, Sachiko

    International Development Education, Conflict and Peace Studies, Area Studies (Southeast Asia, ASEAN) (Japanese Only)

  • HONNA, Jun

    Politics and International Relations in Southeast Asia, Indo-Pacific Strategic Affairs, Non-Traditional Security, Democratization, Civil-Military Relations/Security Sector Reform (Japanese Only)

  • ATAKA, Hiroaki

    Critical International Relations Theory, International Political Economy (Japanese Only)

  • TSUJIMOTO, Toshiko

    Transnational Sociology, Studies on International Migration and Gender, Philippine Studies (Japanese Only)

  • WATANABE, Matsuo

    Economic Development, African Economies, West Balkan Study (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (Japanese Only)

  • NISHIMURA, Tomoaki

    Interational Law, International Environmental Law (Japanese Only)

  • YANE, Haruka

    International Economics, International Trade and Labor, Economic Policies (Japanese Only)