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Progressing in a multicultural
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Since its establishment in 1988, the College of International Relations has produced more than 8,000 graduates who are active in international cooperation, diplomacy, global business and local communities in Japan and abroad.

During this period, the international community has faced a dizzying array of changes, including the end of the Cold War, the global economic crisis, the IT revolution, environmental and other problems, the rise of new threats such as terrorism, and the response to new infectious diseases such as COVID-19. The College of International Relations has evolved to respond to these changes. The college focuses on studying from various perspectives, including sociology, cultural anthropology and history, politics and economics on issues relating to international wars, poverty and ethnic conflicts.

This multi-faceted perspective is an academic approach unique to the College of International Relations. We focus on fostering the ability to look beyond the surface of things, see the social strains that lie behind issues, highlight the connections between seemingly unrelated things, and understand things more objectively and intrinsically. To achieve this, one requires the ability to understand things more objectively and fundamentally.

Through "Go Beyond Borders", we examine things beyond academic disciplines, transcend cultures, religions and existing cultural common sense, and reconstruct our values. Studying at the College of International Relations is an extensive step in developing those who want to make their way in the world and play an active role at home and abroad.

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