Sachio Nakato

Sachio NakatoSachio Nakato

Research Interests
IR (International Relations) /IPE (International Political Economy) of East Asia
Educational Qualifications
Ph.D in International Relations, Ritsumeikan University
Academic Experience
Professor, College of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University (2010-)
Visiting Researchers/Professor, Center for Asian Studies, American University (2002-03, 2012-14), Visiting Researcher, Graduate School of International Service, Sookmyung Women’s University (2003)
Visiting Professor, Institute for International Politics, National Chung Hsing University (2015)
Selected Publications
”North Korea’s Fourth Nuclear Test: System Pressure, Decision Makers’ Perception and Foreign Policy,” Korea Observer (2016),
“North Korean Unification Strategies: North Korea’s Strategic Culture and its Implications,” One Korea: Visions of Korean Unification (2017)
Q1What are your current teaching areas and current research themes?
Teaching areas: International Relations/International Political Economy
Research themes: U.S.-Japan relations, International Relations of East Asia
Q2What do you think the biggest appeal of the JDP is for students?
Coherent academic curriculum to study Global IR (International Relations) jointly designed and coordinated by American University and Ritsumeikan University
Q3What do you expect future JDP students to learn and experience during their studies in the JDP?
Enjoy your daily life both in Kyoto-traditional Japanese culture- and Washington D.C.-world politics-, respect differences among U.S., Japan and Asia, and create new futures.