AU 2nd cohort students finally arrived at RU!

JDP AU second cohort arrival

In April 2022, the three students in the AU second cohort were finally able to join the JDP community on RU campus! They had been subject to Japan’s COVID-19 border restrictions and taking RU classes online during the Fall 2021 semester.

On Tuesday, April 12, a welcome orientation was held for the students to learn about university facilities, such as libraries and cafeterias and other important information relating to their campus life. This orientation aimed to help the students navigate their student life smoothly.

Moreover, the students joined a library tour and a database guidance organized for newcomers. These events provided them with a better understanding of how to utilize library and other resources at RU.

The students will spend the remaining one and a half years of their studies at RU. All the faculty and staff are committed to making their student life at RU both fruitful and enjoyable!

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