JDP Global Career Workshop

JDP Global Career Workshop

As part of this fall semester’s special events focused on global career formation, the RU JDP team also organised a special career workshop targeting JDP students currently studying at RU. This special workshop was jointly facilitated by a career consultant from GJJ Co., Ltd, a consulting firm offering advising services for people who would like to develop their careers globally, and by Dr. Ana Mosneaga, a faculty member of RU JDP team.


The seminar aimed to provide students with food for thought and concrete tools to start reflecting on possible career paths after graduation. During the first part of the workshop, the GJJ consultant made a presentation about the current trend characterising the labour market in many parts of the work. This presentation highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic has speeded up the shift towards digitalisation, computerisation, and automation in many sectors that was already visible before that. This provided the basis for a collective discussion where JDP students, with the help of the facilitators, reflected on what professions and skills are required to survive and thrive in the labour market characterised by rapid change.

In the second part of the seminar, the students were provided with instructions to develop their aspirations and action plans through a hands-on workshop. For this, students were asked to fill out the specially designed worksheet with prompts on how to concretise aspirations for their future based on their current interests and strengths. After filling out this exercise, students had the opportunity to discuss their worksheets in groups and provide mutual feedback, while identifying common traits that emerged. Then, students were provided with another worksheet with prompts to assist them in converting these aspirations into concrete goals for the near future. The seminar concluded with students sharing their goals for the next 6 months.


This seminar offered students an opportunity to start thinking about their career options and to reflect on their broader aspirations, while also providing them with specific tools to help them translate these aspirations into actionable goals.

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