Ritsumeikan University Open Campus was Held for Students to Review their Future Campus in Kyoto

On August 4th and 5th, "Open Campus" was held in Kyoto/Kinugasa Campus.

In the event, Prof. LIM Eunjung  gave a mock lecture titled "Comparative Governance in Era of Globalization" and information session of Joint Degree Program.

In the lecture, Prof. Lim explained the idea of "governance" in the era of globalization by using the case of increasing inbound visitors to Kyoto and referring to the research of famous scholars like Francis Fukuyama, Thomas Freedman and Kent Calder (who gave a special lecture in June at Ritsumeikan).   

Attendants enjoyed these sessions, individual counselling, as well as walking around their future campus. 

If you missed the opportunity, you can check out our college online or visit us directly to see our campus and the Memorial Sakura Tree of the Joint Degree Program! 

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