Special Lecture by Dr. Sachiko Kuno: "Be a Visionary and Be a Doer"

Dr. Sachiko Kuno, Co-Founder, President and CEO of S&R Foundation, Washington, DC. made a special lecture titled“Be a Visionary and Be a Doer”for first year students of the College of International Relations.

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"Be a Visionary and Be a Doer":Special Lecture by award-winning Social Entrepreneur Dr. Sachiko Kuno

After having earned Ph.D. in biochemical engineering from Kyoto University and conducted post-doctoral research in Munich, Germany, Dr. Kuno has engaged in co-founding and leading pharmaceutical ventures and succeeded in developing innovative new medicines botn in Japan and the United States.

As a social entrepreneur, she has been contributing to business by founding a consortium of women investors as well as business incubators for entrepreneurs.

During her presentation, she stressed the importance of believing in your own capacity and being a risk-taker. Her lecture gave the audience a good opportunity to learn attitudes needed for being successful in the future. 

After the lecture, Dr. Kuno met JDP students and gave them encouragement to their challenges as the first members of the JDP.

The students seemed very inspired to directly talk to a renowned social entrepreneur and questioned how to be "a visionary and a doer" in order to contribute to society in the future.

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