JDP Presented at International Conference in Washington, D.C.

Presentations about the JDP were held at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators conference that took place in Washington, D.C., from May 26th to May 31st.

During the "Enrollment Partnerships to Advance Internationalization Strategies" session held on Wednesday, May 29th, Mr. Yutaka NIINO, assistant manager of the Administrative Office of the College of International Relations, gave a presentation outlining the JDP in terms of international exchange between universities. When asked about the background which led to the establishment of the JDP between American University (AU) and Ritsumeikan University (RU), he explained how AU and RU had continuously deepened their cooperative relationship over 20 years of exchange at the undergraduate level.

In the "Internationalizing the Campus" session held on Friday, May 31st, Associate Professor Hiroaki ATAKA of the College of International Relations and Ms. Jessica KLING, Program Coordinator of the School of International Service at American University gave a poster presentation entitled "Launching the First US-Japan Joint Undergraduate Degree Program".

Participants at the conference asked questions about the difference between joint degrees and dual degrees (in which two separate bachelor degrees are obtained), and expressed their surprise in learning how many students from the US had joined the JDP. The AU-RU JDP, which provides students with two years of study in each country, was highly praised. It has become apparent that the program is garnering considerable interest from around the globe.


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