Students Returning from Study Abroad at American University Share Experiences

As part of the special program for JDP students, a talk was given by two Ritsumeikan students who have returned from studying abroad at American University.

JDP 2019DeansTable3
The returning students related their two years of experience studying at American University to the JDP students over lunch, sharing invaluable information on everything from dorm life to classes, internships, and job-hunting, and generously answering questions from the JDP students.

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Dean Kawamura also participated in the discussion, providing rousing words of encouragement for the JDP students.

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At the end, the students who had returned to Japan advised the JDP students to dive right in and make the most of their time in Washington, D.C.

It was evident to everyone present the growth and confidence gained by the students who had completed their two years of study abroad, who expressed that without a doubt, studying at American University had been a positive experience.

We hope that JDP students take advantage of the networking and various other opportunities available to them and are able to grow, just like their upperclassmen who have returned.

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