AU Home Students visit the Kyoto Museum for World Peace

JDP students study at School of International Service, American University, whose motto is "Waging Peace" and Ritsumeikan University, whose educational philosophy is "Peace and Democracy," so this visit to the museum was designed to prepare opportunities for them to approach war and peace from various perspectives.

Kyoto Museum for World Peace is the first museum which was established by a university.

JDP 平和ミュージアム2
Four volunteer guides accompanied students and students learnt issues in peace in Japan, Asia and the world and their possible solutions through the exhibition.

After the visit, students said they acquired other perspectives from peace museums in the United States regarding the Japanese and Asian experience through the exhibition and volunteer guide's story was precious, with excitement.

JDP 平和ミュージアム1
JDP students acquire "BA in Global International Relations" upon completion of the study.

Global international relations is a new academic discipline which attempts to redefine international relations from the global perspective, which includes the non-Western perspectives although international relations was tradtionally studied from mainly the Western perspective.

JDP 平和ミュージアム3
New perspectives AU Home Students acquired during the visit to the museum shoud be precious ones for these students who were educated in the United Stated so far.

JDP provides programs to encourage students to learn international relations from Japanese, Asian and American perspectives.

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