Ritsumeikan University Washington, DC Office meets with JDP students

On November 18, an online guidance session was held for the first-year RU JDP students to prepare for their travel to the US next summer.

Ms. Manami Awazu, a DC resident and Assistant Office Manager of Ritsumeikan University Washington, DC Office, joined the session to meet with the students. She shared first-hand information on life in the city and current situations amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Firstly, Ms. Awazu talked about an overview of Washington, DC. The students learnt that the city is divided into four quadrants and what each of these is like. Other information such as the city’s transportation and daily shopping was also useful for them.

JDP Washington DC Office 2
Upper Right: Ms. Manami Awazu, Assistant Office Manager of Ritsumeikan University Washington, DC Office 

She then briefed on how the spread of COVID-19 had impacted on the way of life there. As anti-racism protests have continued across the country, she shared her experiences of living in the US as an Asian. Through her story, the students got to know important communication manners in a multi-cultural society.

The students were listening intently to obtain first-hand information on the city from her. It is reassuring for them to have a supporter they can rely on while studying at AU.

The session agenda also included how to select Thematic Areas as their fields of study as well as preparation for their travel to the US.

Living and studying in the US requires extensive planning. The session helped the students kick-start preparation for their studies at AU.

Ritsumeikan University Washington, DC Office
In March 2020, RU established its Washington, DC Office as a base for communicating information on its education and research and promoting research partnership with universities and institutions in the US. The Office provides support to RU JDP students studying at AU, advances educational and research exchanges with AU, and back up activities of the alumni network in Washington, DC and its environs.

JDP Washington DC Office 1

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