Program Report: Japanese Conversation Program Spring 2019

Japanese Conversation Program Spring 2019 for international graduate students was held
during the period between Wednesday, May 15 and Thursday, July 4 at Kinugasa Campus
and Biwako-Kusatsu Campus.

In addition, half day short Japanese program was held on Saturday, June 9 on Osaka Ibaraki Campus.


Participants on KIC and BKC attended the lectures once a week for 8 weeks from May to June.

Students learned daily Japanese conversations and basic Japanese characters such as Hiragana
and Katakana with the support of volunteer Japanese students participated in this program to help
international students acquire and be familiar with Japanese.


The Japanese level of students was various. Each time they attended the class, their Japanese
skills improved by little. Many of them did a great job on the skit performance being conducted
on the last day of the course.

They also played Japanese games and held a small party with volunteer students on the same
day. It was very fun and they really enjoyed them! Most of the participants seemed very satisfied
with this program, and some said,
This program is very useful for international students, and
others said Please make this program longer and offer more classes.


Course Schedule (Spring 2019)

1回 じこしょうかいができる、かぞくのしょうかいができる

2回 すきなことがいえる、りゆうがいえる

3回 じょうきょうをびょうしゃできる①

4回 じょうきょうをびょうしゃできる②

5回 いらいができる      

6回 せつめいができる

7回 きょかをえられる               

8回 スキットでふくしゅう