Please answer “Graduate Student Survey on Career Path Support Services 2019”.

We are now carrying out a questionnaire survey to improve and provide quality support for studies,

researches and careers of graduate students of Ritsumeikan University.


This is a survey conducted once every two academic years with the object of improving the quality of learning, research and career support services provided to graduate students. It is designed to give us ideas of your awareness of the availability of these services, your opinions of their quality, and your future expectations for them.


During the survey we conducted in AY2017, we received many opinions about increasing the amount of grants, simplifying application procedure, loosening terms and conditions for payments, etc., and there was a change in payment of Academic Scholarship and the targeted period of other subsidy systems.

To improve our operations to better match the graduate students’ needs, we would appreciate your cooperation in answering this survey. We will give 500 yen Book Card to the first 500 students who answered this survey. After the survey period, the detail of receiving will be informed to the RAINBOW ID which is entered in this survey. Those who receive the notice, please go to the designated offices in each campus to receive the book card between Wednesday, November 27 and Wednesday, December 4. Please note that we will NOT send book cards by mail.

*The number of respondents had reached 500.

Thank you very much for answering.

We're still collecting survey responses.

We appreciate your cooperation.

Thank you.


This survey is to collect the following information;

your research activities

opinion for Career Path Support Services

future career


We appreciate your support in completing this questionnaire to assist us in providing

quality support services to you.

To answer the questionnaire, please log in to the following website with your RAINBOW ID:


It will only take about 10 minutes to complete.

This questionnaire is available during the following period:

 From Thursday, October 24 to Sunday, November 24, 2019 until 23:59 noon.


Graduate Student Career Path Support Center

Ritsumeikan University