"Language Academy" to learn foreign languages for FREE

Study Campain in Fall Semester was updated on October, 26.

English is a required language for graduate Students.
Graduate Students also need to check the references in several languages.
We offer the program to learn multiple languages in addition to English
for FREE! Please use this chance to learn multiple languages, including
Japanese, to enrich your life in Japan and promote your study!!

e-Learning "Language Academy" by goFLUENT
*You can access this site from PC, mobile, tablet PC.
*You can also study on goFLUENT app. You can use your RAINBOW ID, but
 new password needs to be issued for app study. Click "Forget a PW" and receive
 a new password only for the app.
ONLY regular graduate students who are enrolled in Ritsumeikan University

<Learning Period>
May, 2022 ~ Friday, March 31, 2023

<Fee>  FREE

<Languages (as of May 2022)>
English, Spanish, French, Germany, Italian, Portuguese
, Chinese, Dutch,
Russian, Arabic, Korean and JAPANESE!!

Latest videos, latest articles, grammar, vocabulary, How-to guides
*Please understand that the category differs depending on languages.

<How to use>
Please watch this video to check how to use and useful study ways etc.


1) Access the learning site for RU below with your Rainbow ID&PW,
    and register.
2) After registration, add to favorites and keep using.
 (If you access this site while logging in the RU system, you don't need to enter your ID&PW again)
3) After you became a user, select the language that you want to learn,
     and take a placement test.
4) Materials of suitable level will be displayed automatically according to
    your test results. You can learn depending on your learning situation.


Regarding the students’ data
You can move to the site of goFLUENT by clicking the above bannar. Each RAINBOW ID is necessary to login. The system is linked that you can register when logging in for the first time. The data of learning status will be provided to Ritsumekan University. Your registration will be regarded to agreethe providing data. The provided data will be used to check, analyze the studentlearning only and will not be provided to third parties.

<Study Campaign> 
Spring Semester  Finished
Those who are top learners among all students by the end of August can
achieve a specific benefit as below.
 Amazon Gift Card   1,000 yen   20 persons per each semester 
Fall Semester  2022.10.26 updated
Campaign Period: Tue. November 1 ~ Sat. December 31
Number of recipients:
  10 students per month, total 20 students will receive an Amazon Gift Card.

*Your enrolled course language is excluded from the target languages.
 (e.g.) If you pursue the English-based program, 
   "English" is not subject to this campaign.)

You can attend the periodical webinar to get the informaion such as
how to use this program effectively. The information will be sent to your 
email address AFTER registration.

Office of Graduate Studies