Hyakunin Ronbun at Ritsumeikan University

Hyakunin Ronbun at Ritsumeikan University

"100 papers"
You do not need to write a thesis. In fact, just prepare 1 picture and answer 3 questions! In addition, you can do it anonymously!
Those who read your post will make comments anonymously too.
What kind of comments you will get... Some of you may be nervous, but it looks fun, isn't it?.

For the visitors
48 graduate students, from various graduate schools and year levels, studying at Ritsumeikan University post their researches.
You can absolutely find the post that you have an interest in.
Please enjoy looking at the posts.

Please check the poster below for the Official website and Voting form.

『Poster of Hyakunin Ronbun (100 papers)』

Please check the details in the Application Guidelines.
 Application Guidelines

Entry schedule

【Presenter】All graduate students of Ritsumeikan University

【Entry Period】Mon. Sep. 26, 2022 ~ Fri. Oct. 7, 2022

【Application Form】 https://forms.gle/kkPhov4mMDaghysF6
 A post format will be sent to those who entry. Please fill in this format and submit with a picture.

【Submit the posted data】Mon. Oct. 10, 2022 ~ Fri. Oct. 21, 2022

【Posting period】Mon. Nov. 7, 2022 ~ Wed. Nov. 16, 2022

【Visitors】Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Faculties, Parents, everyone in/out of RU 

Material preparation cost (Amazon gift card 3,000 yen) will be provided to presenters.
"Best Impact Prize" winner selected by visitors will receive the certificate and the prize (Amazon gift card 30,000 yen).


Office of Graduate Studies
Ritsumeikan University
TEL. 075-465-8195
Email. ru-excel@st.ritsumei.ac.jp