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Takakura Minemoto Lab

We, Photovoltaic Device Laboratory, has more than 20 peoples including, Bachelor Students, Master Students, Doctoral Students, Post-doctoral researchers, Professor and secretary.
*Details of members are updated in Member Page in Japanese.

We have been working on thin-film solar cells based on compound semiconductors and outdoor field test of photovoltaic modules since 1997.
Also, we have an experience on high efficiency design, characterization and fabrication of crystalline silicon solar cells.

Our expertise includes laboratory scale solar cell technologies and photovoltaic module application as follows:
1. Optimum design and theoretical analysis of solar cells using device simulation.
2. High quality crystal growth of polycrystalline thin-film compound semiconductors, especially chalcogenide including Cu(InGa)Se2, CuInS2, Cu2ZnSn(S,Se)4, Cu2Sn(S,Se)3 and SnS. We further explore new material for photovoltaics.
3. Fabrication of new buffer layer and transparent conductive films for thin-film solar cells, especially based on ternary compounds such as ZnMgO and ZnOS.
4. Optimization of thin film solar cell fabrication process.
5. Characterization of thin-film materials using various techniques and operation analysis of solar cells.
6. Statistical analysis of outdoor field data from photovoltaic systems for long time exposure.
7. Estimation and verification of energy generation of photovoltaic modules using meteorological data.

*Details of current research theme are updated in Research Page in Japanese.

We keep working for powering our life by clean energy based on Photovoltaics.

You, who are interested in our research, are welcome to collaborate and/or join with us. Please don't hesitate to contact to us.