From Space to Nano World
Mechanical Systems Division
College of Science and Engineering
Ritsumeikan University


Development of mechanical products is based on the systematic linkage of materials innovation, machine design, machining & fabrication, operation & maintenance, and so on. "Mechanical Engineering" is providing the fundamental knowledge to researchers and engineers in such wide areas. Nowadays, size of the mechanical objective is in a wide range from the space to nanoscopic world. In addition, application area of the mechanical engineering is extensively expanding with respect to developments of electronics and information science day by day. The Mechanical Systems Division, College of Science and Engineering, Ritsumeikan University is producing a number of splendid fresh persons who can work actively in the world and create the new era for the sustainable society through systematic education programs.


 6/2 Mr. Nakamura, Prof. Ozawa, Mr. Goto, Prof. Hatanaka, and Prof. Kawamura won the excellent paper award from Fluid Power Technology Promotion Foundation. HP
 8/25 Mr. Ato, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Yamamoto, Mr. Furuzuka, and Prof. Suzuki received the Best Student Poster Award at STARC Forum/Symposium 2009. HP
 8/20 Mr. Nakamura, Dr. Ozawa, Mr. Goto, Dr. Hatanaka, and Prof. Kawamura received the 2008 SICE Best Paper Award. HP
 9/10 Dr. Inoue and Professor Hirai received the RSJ Best Paper Award. HP
 4/14 Announcement of joint research project with Dainippon Screen Co.,Ltd. on underwater robots. Press
 9/28 Professor Arimoto and Dr. Sekimoto received the RSJ Best Paper Award. HP
 5/17 Professor Arimoto received the IEEE RAS Pioneer in Robotics and Automation Award. HP
 3/23 Agreement of research collaboration between Shiga University of Medical Science and Ritsumeikan University. HP