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  1. Apr,17-Jul,14, 2023
    Higher structures in geometry and mathematical physics
    Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France
  2. Jun.19-23, 2023
    The many interactions of symplectic and Poisson geometry,
    Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France
  3. Jun,12-Jul,28,2023
    Emergent Geometries from Strings and Quantum Fields
    The Galileo Galilei institute for theoretical physics, Firenze, Italy
  4. Jul,3-7, 2023
    Dg-manifolds in Geometry and Physics
    Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France

Series of conferences related to Poisson geometry

  1. Conferences on Poisson geometry

  2. GAP (Geometry and Physics--Seminaire itinerant)

  3. Gone Fishing


  1. Global Poisson Webinar


  1. 2022,Dec.3-4, Poisson幾何とその周辺22
  2. 2021,Dec.4-5, Poisson幾何とその周辺21
  3. 2020,Nov.28-29, Poisson幾何とその周辺2020
  4. 2019.Dec.14-15, Poisson geometry and related topics -- Poisson幾何とその周辺
    Ritsumeikan university Biwako-Kusatsu campus (BKC), Kusatsu, Shiga
  5. 2019.Mar.4-8, String: T-duality, Integrability and Geometry
    Tohoku university, Sendai, Japan
  6. 2018.Dec.9-10, Poisson幾何とその周辺
  7. 2012.Nov.9-10, 中西先生の80歳をお祝いする集会、京都大学数理解析研究所 [プログラム]

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