Database for Specific TMR


Quantification of mining activities

In our website, we are providing information for total material requirement, TMR. More concretely, we summarize database for specific TMR with reference(s). The specific TMR is one of measures to quantify mining activities to provide unit amount of product or service (unit: kg-TMR/kg, kg-TMR/kWh, etc.), considering hidden flow. We are welcome to add specific TMRs by other researchers.

As of today (early 2018), we have already estimated the specific TMR for more than 700 substances, materials, products and processes. Although we only disclose published data, if you need unlisted data privately, please contact us via here.

There is no need to contact with us when you use the specific data listed here. But please add primary reference(s). We are happy if you could refer our website as well. It should be noted that every data was estimated under specified assumptions or case studies. Thus, when you use our database, never forget to pay attention to these assumptions.

Two specific TMRs we defined

Actually, some products are produced using both natural and urban resources. In such cases, we use only "specific TMR".

Database of specific TMR


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Above results (by us) have been partly supported by various research budgets. We express our gratitude.

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  2. MEXT KAKENHI Grant Number: 22710008 (2010-2013)
  3. Research Institute of Science and Technology for Society of Japan Science and Technology Agency,(JST-RISTEX) as the research program on Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, which project leader is Prof. Dr. K. Matsubae, Tohoku University. (2012-2015)
  4. Arai zaidan (2014-2015)
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